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Air Caraibes Airbus A350-1041 F-HMIL  (1:200)
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InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: IF35XTX0121 -

    Air Caraibes Airbus A350-1041 F-HMIL(1:200) By InFlight 200 Scale Diecast Airliners Item Number: IF35XTX0121 About Air Caraibes Airbus A350-1041 F-HMIL(1:200)About InFlight 200 Scale Diecast AirlinersInFlight 200 is a professional range of 1:200 scale model aircraft manufactured for the World's Airlines and model collectors alike. Pioneering engineers for Inflight200 were able to manufacture a superb quality of model aircraft never seen before in the scale of 1:200. The range has high...