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Hawker Typhoon lB RB389/I8-P Pulverizer IV, No.440 Squadron RCAF City of Ottawa (1:72), Corgi Diecast Aviation Item Number AA36510
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Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA36510 -

    Hawker Typhoon lB RB389/I8-P 'Pulverizer IV', No.440 Squadron RCAF 'City of Ottawa'As far as names painted on the side of aircraft used during the Second World War are concerned, there can hardly be a more appropriate one than the name given to Hawker Typhoon RB389, flown by Canadian pilot Flt. Lt. Harry Hardy. Known as 'Pulverizer IV', the Typhoon was something of an airborne battering ram, providing close air support to advancing ground units and pounding German strongpoints, armour and...

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Squadron Leader B. G. Stapleton, No. 247 Squadron, 1944 (1:72), Oxford Diecast 1:72 Scale Models Item Number AC013
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    Oxford Diecast 1:72 Scale Models Item #: AC013 -

      Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB Squadron Leader B. G. Stapleton, No. 247 Squadron, 1944 (1:72) by Oxford Diecast 1:72 Scale ModelsItem Number: AC013Both high quality and value priced, these detailed reproductions of World War IIs most famous Allied and Axis fighters and attack planes feature finely textured surfaces, a well-equipped cockpit with a glazed canopy, authentic markings, and a customized display stand with information on the plane and pilot. The range includes 14 different aircraft with 8 more...

      Typhoon Mk.IB No.245 (Northern Rhodesian) Squadron, RAF (1:72) - Preorder item, order now for future delivery, Corgi Diecast Aviation, AA36512
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      Corgi Diecast Aviation Item #: AA36512 -

        If the Douglas C-47 Skytrain is considered the most famous multi engined aircraft of D-Day aerial operations, then the single engined equivalent must be the fearsome Hawker Typhoon. Agile and extremely heavily armed, the Typhoon was to see plenty of action during the summer of 1944, either attacking strategic targets in the weeks prior to invasion, such as German radar sites or providing invaluable close air support to ground units breaking out from the landing beachheads. With forward air...