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AF5U Flying Pancake (1:27)
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Executive Series Display Models Item #: AXF5U -

    Vought AF5U Flying Pancake by TMC Pacific ModelworksItem Number: AXF5USpan: 14 " Length: 12 " The brainchild of Charles H. Zimmerman, the F5U was intended to perform well as a fighter plane while being able to remain in flight at extremely low airspeed, making it easier to operate from carriers. The F5U's unusual appearance owed to a very low aspect ratio wing without a fuselage, which resulted in something looking like a flying saucer. This shape, combined with powerful engines driving large...

    V-1 Rocket (1/27 Scale)
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    Mastercraft Models Item #: NC10325 -

      The Fieseler V-1 rocket was a cost-effective flying bomb that possessed a range of approximately 150 miles. It was designated the Flak Ziel Geraet (anti-aircraft target apparatus) to avoid any leakage of the project to Allied spies. It was designed with a pulse engine and consisted of only a few moving parts, making it easier to control. The V-1 rocket�s pulse engine operation made a distinctive buzzing sound, earning the flying bomb the nickname �buzz bomb.� The pulse jet design also gave the...