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Belavia Tu-154M EW-85748 (1:400)
Retail: $49.95
Price: $42.95
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Phoenix 1:400 Scale Diecast Aircraft Item #: PH4BRU1188 -

    Belavia Tu-154M EW-85748 (1:400) by Phoenix Diecast Airliners Models Item Number: PH4BRU1188

    Belavia TU-154M EW-85749 (1:500) - Preorder item, order now for future delivery
    Retail: $41.95
    Price: $33.95
    Availability: Preorder, Expected March
    Herpa 1:500 Scale Diecast Airliners Item #: HE530071 -

      The national carrier of Belarus continues to operate two TU-154 in its classic livery, despite a steady modernization of the fleet with western aircraft.