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Eurocopter AS350 (1:43), NewRay Item Number NR26093
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Price: $19.95
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NewRay Item #: NR26093 -

    Eurocopter AS350 (1:43) Item Number : NR26093 By NewRay

    Jn-4 Jenny (1/43 Scale), Mastercraft Models Item Number NC10184
    Retail: $139.95
    Price: $111.95
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    Mastercraft Models Item #: NC10184 -

      The Curtiss Jenny acquired its name from the earlier J and N model trainers, which were the bases for its design. The Curtiss JN was built to serve the US Armed Forces with the first unit rolling out of the factories in 1915. Though the aircraft series was well-received, the earlier variants faced a lot of problems. This is especially true for the JN-2 which was deficient in terms of performance because of its weight. As such, the succeeding variants aimed to address these concerns bit by bit....

      Wings Of Texaco #9 2001 1929 (1:43), ERTL Item Number ERTL20435P
      Retail: $86.95
      Price: $56.95
      Availability: In Stock at Distributor
      ERTL Item #: ERTL20435P -

        Texaco - Wings Of Texaco #9 2001 1929 Buhl CA-6 Spokane Sun-God bi-plane bank SPECIAL EDITION - Chrome-anodized Finish