Figure Height Approx. 12"

Prepainted Collectable Figure Model

Collectors item: Not suitable for children under 14

Retail: $79.95
Price: $49.95
You Save: $30.00 (37.5%)
    Points to Purchase:4995
    Points Earned:49
    Bonus Points Earned:0


    - M42 Helmet with Camo Painting
    - M42 Field Blouse
    - M37 Trousers, Langehosen
    - Zeltbahn splinter "A" Italian pattern - New!
    - Ankle Boots (Brown) w/Gaiters - New Color!

    - M31 Breadbag
    - Wehrmacht Equipment Belt
    - Combat Suspenders
    - M38 Gas Mask Container
    - P-38 Holster
    - M31 Mess Kit
    - M31 Water Bottle

    - Walther P-38 w/Detachable Magazine
    - RPzB 54 "Panzerschreck"
    - RPzBGr4322 Hollow-Charge
    - RPzBGr4322 Hollow-charge box
    - S84/98 Bayonet w/Scabbard

    - Collar Tabs
    - Wehrmacht National Emblem
    - Shoulder Tabs

    - New Character Head
    - Men Hands
    - Clear Base Stand
    - NEO 3 BODY
    Hands - the extremely dexterous hands are updated with a more natural texture
    Neck - neck re-engineered with extendable joint for increased range of motion
    Shoulders - all-new extendable shoulder joints can be manipulated for a greater degree of movement and more realistic figure poses